passion manila 2014

I've been on a writing hiatus for some time now. I really dig the summer vibe, maybe that's why, but I've just been putting it off. Sometimes I feel like I have nothing to tell, nothing to share, really. The summer months have just been one big rest for me. Or maybe that's just what 23 is about.

Here are the overdue (unofficial) photos of one of the greatest events this year for me -- Passion 2014! I attended the March 28 night which was originally the "first night" but due to a big demand the organizers did a "second night" on March 27. It was terrific! I mean, they are undoubtedly my favorite group of worship leaders and having them come back after four long years just made my heart leapt.

Even more, I had the opportunity to volunteer after such a long time. It was refreshing, and I just can't believe what happened that day. I mean, the break was so unexpected and so surprising that I just can't believe it. The two days were life-changing, and all I can think about was that God is so great, so magnificent, I can't ever figure out where He'll put me next. Truly, His ways are larger than my ways, His thinking of my future so much brighter than I can ever imagine. It made me dream bigger, wilder, and bolder. He made me look past my limitations and anchor to His Word.

I've always wondered why Passion has this big, big space in my heart. Maybe because their 2008 event was my first concert ever or because my first trip abroad centered in attending their event that same year, or maybe because I was there even before there were Passion Conferences in Manila, being one of the few people who witnessed their first visit here back in 2007. Maybe because I've grown up with them. Maybe... But more than that, I knew they made me share the same vision that they have -- to make Jesus famous. And I'd like to think that I'm still being a part of that.

Kristian Stanfill. This man has really grown up and matured as a worship leader. So proud!
Crowder. I still remember how we rocked worship with him at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium, HK back in '07.
Brett Younker. Burning In My Soul is one of my favorites in the album.
Louie Giglio. The man behind the vision.
Louie mixing the sounds of the stars and dolphins making SO beautiful music altogether. A-MA-ZING. You may try searching Youtube for vids!
Crowder and his beard. Classic.

PS. All images are taken by Zooey, the 550D with her 18-55mm kit lens.
PPS. I'm thinking of trying concert/theater/ballet photography. SOOO EXCITED!