tagaytay, still sitting pretty

I can't believe it's March already. It's officially summer here in the Philippines and people can't wait to go to our paradise beaches, including me of course. But before that, my family hit the road and went up to Tagaytay to celebrate Mama's birthday. It's a different approach this time; usually we just go up to eat while gaping at the admirable view. Here, we kind of toured the kids and had sort of a school field trip. After this day, I think I was bankrupt. But of course, you gotta pay for the view which photos make you happy while editing. ;) And of course, it's my mother's birthday. You just can't pay for the time you spend with family. It never really equates.

A school parade we passed by
Ticket prices at Sky Ranch
Told them to pose for Gap. But I think this is for Pag.
Tito (Uncle)
We tried it and of course, we screamed. Thank God no one puked after.

Birthday girl
Gone in 10 minutes!
I didn't think this exists
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? No one. Spongebob got his shelter mortgaged.
Knocked out
Originally a Marcos mansion
Coconut paradise!!!
Lots of eyes over there! Hiding pineapples. ;)
Yep, only one way home