He is Good this 2013

Photo by my new friend, Enxie
I haven’t really written for myself here in a long time. I do write, mostly in my journal. Thoughts, plans, and more thoughts. Life has been very fast this year; one day it was January 1st, now the last month of the year’s almost over.

Grateful. That’s one word that I am for 2013. This is the year that stretched me and got me off my feet. It made me think, discover, and learn a lot of things. It forced me to grow up, exposing how naive I am when it comes to multitudes of matters, how young I am, and how vast my future still is, and how there are many things that I still need to learn. It made me rethink things and realign goals. It’s this one that reassured me that life is for me to live and that there’s no one who can make my decisions for me.

The best thing that happened to me this year? I realized I can be brave. That without the grace and the love of God, I am nothing. I can be brave, and I can do all things through Christ. I realized I can choose not to be afraid. Of failures, number one. I can point out my mistakes, keep them in mind so that I will not redo them, and then choose to move on. I can start over whenever I want to, with whatever it is that I want. I can change my life, my story. Of being unrecognized next. I realized that the best works, my best work is not necessarily my most popular work. Popular does not really equal to Best. I realized that I can write, photograph, and share my work without having the pressure of people liking it or not. I realized that I am not afraid to be left out nor be unseen. My work and its process are my reward. And lastly, I can choose not to be afraid of the future. Because whatever it is out there, I know my Dream Maker already has planned out, and He can only assure good things ahead. I see Him out there, and not my lone self trudging on tomorrows anymore. I am grateful for Courage this year. For Freedom.

Grateful. For my family, my friends, of each and every circle. I cannot be more thankful to have beautiful people in my life who so never-sparingly give their love and support all throughout this year. Thank you for your honesty and presence.

My days are chaotic, from my new work during the weekdays and my life work during the weekends. Each crushes then revives me, grinds and lets me resurface to breathe. I still can’t believe that my plans have worked out for my focus this year. I am grateful beyond words that my hard work finally pays off, bit by bit, slowly but surely. I cannot wait for 2014, my 23rd year on the roll, my brighter and brighter year.

God is indeed good, all the time, in every season.


PS. I am yet to thank you all for a wonderful year on this blog!