Our darling, Juliana, is one of the twenty-three reasons I am thankful for life.

Here's a short story. When I was seventeen, my mama got pregnant of her and for nine months I couldn't accept that I'll have another younger sibling. I was angry. I was thinking back then of responsibilities, bills, and more responsibilities. But on the day of my birthday, when she was only a day old, she was brought home from the hospital and when I saw those pink cheeks and precious little fingers, the coldness in my heart melted and I nicknamed her Yana. So from then on, we are sistermies. Sister-enemies. She's a girly girl, I am not. She's spoiled, I am (according to me) not. I wrestle her, she slaps me or doesn't let go of my leg even when I walk, I mush her cheeks (because they are DANG cute), and she gives off that irritating whine. I give up. We dance, we sing TSwift songs, we hug, we kiss. We grow up together.

To the angel who brought childhood back to me and brought doses of love and tenderness at home, I love you more than you and I will ever know.

To our sweet pea, happy happy sixth! You are loved beyond the stars.