acid rain

Running. Out of here, thinking about the places you’ll pass by and wanting to end in the same scene as Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice – eyes closed, arms wide apart, feeling the wind wash through your clothes, soaking you, like water. Away, clean from the city toxic that had reached your brain. Gone.

A lot of times I’ve been relishing in the thought of it. But escape from reality is dire, you just have to go through it and grow up, live. But still I want to hold on to something constant in the twirling of events, my pendulum, and every night I find myself looking above, searching for those three little faint lights that tell me it’s all going to be okay and it will all pass by.

It has always been there, like the sun. Watching from above, knowing my every look, understanding what I can’t, and whispering every night that it’s all going to be okay. It will all pass by. There is a season for everything.

I wonder what it means.