wandering delights: the farm at san benito, batangas

A lot of my friends have been asking me about the place where I got coffee smudged all over me and then being soaked in a tub of coffee water after. Well, there's only one place in the Philippines: The Farm at San Benito.

(Sorry for the whitish photos, the light was not the best when we stayed.)

I am a nature girl. Living in the city for all my life has taught me to love the greens so much (even the cows and carabaos I pass by whenever driving out of Manila). The air was cool and refreshing, and you can't hear anything but the rustling leaves, small water flowing, the quacks from the ducks, bird chirps, and that sound coming from the peacock -- I don't know how to describe it, sorry. :)

This is the Sulu Terrace. I love it! It's like Tarzan and Jane's tree house (with aircon and wifi which is waaay cooler!)

A lot of open bathrooms here.
And you know, peacocks hanging out while you' shower.

Even though I'm a nature girl, I'm ashamed to say that I eat little veggies and fruits. This apparent, I was surprised that I survived 3 WHOLE DAYS at The Farm! The food was yummy and I LOVED the juices! We went juicing on our second day and we had nothing but liquid with all the goodness and health in it. Carrot, lemon, ginger, celery, parsley, peppermint, lettuce, cucumber -- you name it. I've never felt light and never thought about the junk I put into my body until I tried it. My thoughts were clearer, skin cleaner (!!!), and I knew my kidneys and liver were happy. I even canvassed for juicers the weekend I went home!

The one above is the Spa. It really has a nice pool view (which I don't have a picture of) and really, really, REALLY good therapists who made me sleep in just a matter of five minutes (and whom I want to take home after)! I was fighting the urge and plea of my eyes to give in. It was such a treat (*rolling eyes remembering the delight* haha). I tried the best-sellers: Yin Yang Body Polish, Skin Kayud & Barako Body Pack, and the Earth Facial. My favorite is the Yin Yang -- I definitely recommend it. And you should try the peppermint tea here. It was a total complement to the experience.

We stayed at the Narra Pool Villa. If I would describe it in one word, I'd say it's romantic. It has everything a girl wants -- a nice, big, spacious, clean bathroom! With glass walls which make you feel like you're taking the shower outdoors. It's just plain amazing.

And the pool! My gosh this pool.

Hope you'll go see it for yourself. The place is heaven.